RODES was founded in 1953.

Its activity has been  manufacturer of hardware for
buildings and other metallic accessories, in particular for the construction industry.

After a few years RODES started to introduce their hardware in the Portuguese colonies at the time, with success, which had absorbed 60 percent of its production.

Actually RODES exports to three continents; Europe, Africa and America, however its aim is to extend to other continents, to hit 60 percent of exportation; for this it starts to produce also other small metallic accessories and other hardware for rehabilitation of buildings.

The Company, which is committed on Research & Development and to improve the organizational systems, was officially rewarded in this sense, according to the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000 by the official entity
responsible for such certification, SGS ICS - International Certification Services.

In an evolutive process, also obtained, trough the notified organism, CERTIF a Portuguese Association for Certification, the CE marking for Hinges, Latches and Locks, in compliance with the Directive 89/106/CEE for “Construction Materials”.

According to these concepts, RODES will be always attentive to the demands of the markets and its principal aim is to satisfy its customers.